Terms and Conditions

1. Standards
For information and legislation on outdoor advertising visit the Advertising Standards Authority website www.asa.org.uk

2. Cancellations/Termination
a) We reserve the right to cancel or change any advertising campaign, due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, if this is the case we will offer an alternative date.
b) Any cancellation/termination by the customer must be done so in writing or email, with the following charges applicable:

• Less than 24 hours notice – 100% loss (of total)
• Less than 3 days notice – 90% loss
• Less than 7 days notice – 75% loss

c) On cancellation, if banners have been produced by our 3rd party printers these will still need to be paid for in full, regardless of when the cancellation was made.

3. Payment
a) Full payment must be made no later than 30 days from the invoice date, or further charges maybe incurred.
b) Payment can be made either by cheque, Paypal or directly into our bank account.
c) A deposit of 25% of the full cost of the campaign is required to secure a booking.

4. Routes
a) Any routes set out by the customer may be subject to change due to unexpected events i.e. road closures. At all times we will endeavour to keep to any required routes.
b) Routes will be altered if deemed dangerous to members of our staff or the public.
c) Changes to routes must be submitted by email or in writing in advance of campaign commencement.
d) Stops and rests are required and therefore must be considered for any route.

5. Included
A minimum of one bike and billboard is required per campaign with the following included in the price (per trailer required):

• Rider
• Bike and billboard trailer

6. Not Included/Extras
Prices on the website are for campaigns based WITHIN 20 MILES of Stockport, Cheshire. Prices for campaigns further a field will be worked out on an individual basis, depending on distance from Stockport and length of campaign.

• Flyer distribution (optional) - Cost Applicable and we will only carry as many leaflets as the rider deems to be safe
• Wearing of branded clothing (optional)

In addition, the following is not included in prices quoted:

• Any congestion charges.
• Any car parking required by AdvertBikes vehicles.
• UPVC Banner production will cost £80 per trailer required (This is the total cost of two banners)
• Paper Poster production will cost £20 per trailer required (This is the total cost of two banners)

7. Banners
a) Banners can be supplied by the customer but must be B1 size (1240mm L x 650mm W) with six eyelets and made of tough PVC - If the paper poster option is chosen then the size is (970mm L x 630mm W) (No Eyelets)
b) Where the customer supplies their own banners, Advert Bike accepts no responsibility for loss or damage in postage.
c) Any banners from the customer must arrive in good time before commencement of campaign. If banners are late in arriving the customer will still be charged for any missed dates.
d) Two banners are required per billboard trailer.
e) Artwork/design for the banners will incur additional fees, depending on work required.
f) Advert Bike will have the final say on the content of the banner advertisement i.e. offensive message etc.
g) Any artwork provided by customer for banners is not proof read by Advert Bike staff before printing, and customers have no come back if resolutions are not high enough on artwork provided.
h) Refunds are NOT given on any banners produced.

8. Times/Hours
a) Times of campaign operation are between 7am and 6pm; other times required will incur extra costs at £25 per hour.
b) Half day is a 3 hour campaign
c) Full day is a 6 hour campaign

9. Guarantee
Advert Bike cannot guarantee the results of any campaign.

By booking any Advertising Campaign via AdvertBikes, you automatically accept these terms and Conditions


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